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Syscoin Platform – Putting business on the blockchain

Press release – The Syscoin Foundation (“Foundation”) is pleased to announce the beginning of a new era for the Syscoin protocol; introducing the formation of the official Syscoin Foundation and a rebranding campaign for the protocol. To kick-off their activities, the Foundation unveils a new website, logo and updated roadmap for the “Syscoin Platform”.

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Syscoin Platform

Following recent Syscoin development innovations that focus on transaction speed via Syscoin’s unique Z-DAG technology, the Syscoin Foundation sought to launch a rebranding campaign to provide a fresh, modern look that reflects the platform’s cutting edge technology.

The new vision changes Syscoin’s focus from a decentralized marketplace focused cryptocurrency to a complete decentralized application development and asset/token creation platform. It will serve as the backend infrastructure for business owners to increase efficiency by creating tokens and Dapps for a great number of applications, on the most scalable and secure blockchain platform available.

The Foundation is the key to link all benefiting and contributing parties in the Syscoin ecosystem. The Foundation has planned another upcoming campaign, revealing the results of the Whiteblock TPS (Transactions Per Second) speed test simultaneously with the new Z-DAG whitepaper. Both these developments will help pave the way to the upcoming Syscoin 4.

About the Syscoin Foundation

Officially founded on December 11th, 2018, the Syscoin Foundation is a non-profit organisation that represents the core development team, secures the code repositories and oversees public relations for the protocol. Its goal is to expedite the global adoption of blockchain technology by championing the unique decentralisation features offered by the Syscoin Platform. The Foundation acts as the official body for Syscoin, representing the project to its community members and its partners, and incentivising developers to improve the Syscoin core protocol while making sure there is sufficient access to developer tools and information.

Disclaimer: this press release is part of a content partnership between Bitcoin Magazine NL and Syscoin.

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