Join PrimeXBT’s airdrop: win prizes up to 250.000 dollar

Advertorial – 2019 has just started and we would like to use this opportunity to announce the largest giveaway of the year — Prime XBT’s 1.000.000 dollar-large airdrop.

Prime XBT airdrop

Prime XBT is a new and advanced cryptocurrency trading platform that offers numerous benefits for anyone who takes this unique opportunity and joins right now! The giveaway will start January 10th, 2019, and participants will be able to win as much as $250,000!

In order to participate in the giveaway, all that users have to do is follow two easy steps:

  1. Sign up on Prime XBT and receive a special 50% discount for all commissions during the following month.
  2. Share the referral link provided to you by the platform on all social media networks you can think of. The newer participants join the platform via your referral link — the more your position improves on the leaderboard, and with the better position you become eligible to receive higher rewards.

Earning points in the giveaway is very easy, and you can do it in a number of ways:

  • Share the giveaway link via social media like Facebook or Twitter, and invite your friends and family through posts and personal messages.
  • Use blogging platforms such as Steemit or Medium to inform a higher number of individuals of the giveaway.
  • Make a YouTube video in which you can explain what the giveaway is about, and refer your audience to your personal link.
  • Share the link among others in the crypto community via Reddit, Telegram, BitcoinTalk forum, and other means.


The prizes for high-ranking participants are as follows:

1st place – 63 BTC worth 250.000 dollar
2nd place – 25 BTC worth 100.000 dollar
3rd place – 13 BTC worth 50.000 dollar

4-10 places – 5 BTC worth 18,000 dollar
11-100 places – 0.1 BTC worth 400 dollar
101-1000 places – BTC 0.05 200 dollar
1001-10000 BTC places – 0.01 worth 40 dollar

About Prime XBT

Prime XBT is a new fintech company, based in London, which was launched in 2018. The company offers a cryptocurrency trading platform with 100x leverage for short and long positions alike. By using the platform, customers will have access to the real-time market data in order to make the best trading decisions, as well as a number of highly efficient trading analysis tools.

At the same time, the platform offers high security and liquidity, which will ensure that your funds are always safe, while your profits continue to grow.

Prime XBT provides its users with the ability to trade some of the highest ranking digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), and others.


Opening an account is completely free and simple, and those who do it right now can get access to numerous benefits, such as:

  • Low trading fees
  • A fully customizable and intuitive interface that offers multi-monitor support
  • Different chart types, drawing tools, and indicators that allow users to make the best decisions at the right time
  • 50% discount for all commissions for 1 full month.

With these tools and benefits, traders can make an excellent profit from market rallies and declines. In addition, Prime XBT’s customers will never have to fear problems like low liquidity, failing markets, long KYC approvals, constant, unexpected downtimes, high fees, bad UI, or limited order types.

Take this unique opportunity to join the giveaway, share it with others, and enjoy full benefits of what Prime XBT has to offer!

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Disclaimer: this sponsored post is part of a content partnership between Bitcoin Magazine NL and PrimeXBT. Bitcoin Magazine NL does not give any financial advice. This above information is only for educational purposes. Trade in cryptocurrencies is at your own risk.

Disclaimer: Bitcoin Magazine Benelux biedt geen beleggingsadvies. Onze berichten zijn enkel bedoeld voor informatieve doeleinden.

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