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Odyssey.org Hackathon

Da Costakade 102 · Amsterdam

14:02 tot 14:02
5 februari 2019




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Odyssey.org Hackathon

Da Costakade 102 · Amsterdam

14:02 tot 14:02
5 februari 2019

We are prepping for the for the Odyssey.org Hackathon in this joint Event with APG (their program starts at 9.00 in the same location).

Join us for the Program Deepdive to learn more about the concept of Nature 2.0, what we are aiming for and how you can be part of this journey. Join us!

Please note you can register for the Hackathon from 28.01. [masked]https://www.odyssey.org/odyssey-hackathon/?

12.00 Lunch: Time to Connect

Block 1: Presentation Nature 2.0 Track
– What is Nature 2.o? Speaker to be confirmed.
– What does it mean to be a Nature 2.0 team member? – Jan-Peter Doomernik
– Odyssey hackathon presentation. (speaker to be confirmed)

Block 2: What can we learn from Natures Eco-system?
-speakers to be confirmed.

Break: Time to Connect

Block 3: The Unimaginable but Buildable
– How can I create what I can’t imagine?

18.00 ish Time to Connect
This program is getting developed at the moment, we will update you as soon as possible. But one thing is for sure, you don’t want to miss this part!

Which elements of our day2day life that we deem normal are actually very crazy? And which solutions, that seem crazy can be built, because the only hurdle to pass proves to be our current human narrative, not technology. Disruption, before it happens, is always a crazy: We want you to look for the crazy, the ODD in odyssey.

8.7 million animal species have working ecosystems to fulfill their basic needs like housing, eating, transportation, energy… None of these ecosystems are based on ownership, an identity like we use it, or on money. Some of them are not even based on scarcity, but on cooperation resulting in abundant resources. For free. That is unimaginable and crazy for one species, us humans, while a lot of other species are living it.

When you choose to enter this challenge, your world will never be the same.

We invite you to rethink the system. Check out the dedicated Nature2.ooo website to find resources to build the solutions of tomorrow.

A number of friends popped up that have inspiring challenges that could be topics for teams to work on. If you want to accelerate your solution already before the hackathon, these communities are waiting for you to join and assist you on your quest.

Please note Nature 2.0 hosts 10 teams for its 1 challenge and a total cash reward of[masked] euro.

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