6 questions to Nikol Daru (BTC.com): “The money system will be disrupted by blockchaintechnology”

BTC.com is a pioneer of the blockchain economy, famous for its cryptocurrency wallet, the block explorer and not to forget, the mining pool. BTC.com is the organizer of the BCHDEVCON Europe, that will take place the 27th and 28th October 2018 in the heart of Amsterdam.

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Daru: “BCHDEVCON is part of a global series of hackathons that aims to connect all blockchain developers and enthusiasts around the world. The first edition will kick off the series in San Francisco (Oct. 10-11), followed by Amsterdam (Oct. 27-28), Israel, Japan, South Korea, and India. The main theme of the hackathon is Bitcoin Cash, as we think it's a fascinating technology for both financial transactions (electronic cash) and thanks to its latest developments also for other types of transactions (smart contracts, tokenization). This hackathon not only offers a unique opportunity for training and learning, but also for networking, landing your dream job and having lots of fun during the most intense crypto weekend of your life!”

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Daru: “The idea of the hackathon is to bring together the community from different blockchains, so the participants can learn the best tips & tricks from each other. We want to create an open, innovative, and creative environment. During the hackathon attendees can meet world class developers and business experts arriving from the Europe, Russia, the USA and China such Amaury Séchet (Bitcoin-ABC), Gabriel Cardona (BITBOX), Jiazhi Jiang (Wormhole), and Ryan X Charles (Moneybutton.com, Yours.og) and many more.”

“It's good to know that you don't need to be a blockchain developer to participate in the hackathon. The hackathon welcomes all types of developers and non-developers with passion and curiosity for blockchain. Through supportive mentoring participants can learn how to implement and code blockchain applications! In addition, participants with outstanding performance may get the opportunity to land a job with BTC.com.”

“Upon arrival to the hackathon, attendees can join a technology deep dive session, followed by pitching project ideas and forming teams. At noon, the 32-hour non-stop hacking begins! The hackathon will offer 2 tracks: the BCH Track (build on Bitcoin Cash) and the General Blockchain track (build on any blockchain/ second layer solution of your choice).”

Daru: “We are very happy to see that blockchain has a booming community and industry in the Netherlands with a broad range of meetups and conferences. What we think would help the industry grow further, are more development skills to implement blockchain applications. That is the main motivation for us to organize a hackathon!”

Daru: “Interesting to mention, that our team started as a Dutch start-up called Blocktrail, which was later acquired by Bitmain, and re-branded to BTC.com. Since 2014 we have been active members of the local community by offering education, developing cryptocurrency products, hiring local talent and supporting many meetups.”

Daru: “I think that the idea of money needs to be re-imagined through technology. Many industries have been disrupted by the internet and for me it's very exciting to see how blockchain technology allows us to transfer value (e.g. money) over the internet for everyone. With BTC.com, we work towards bringing this innovation to as many people as possible. We are happy to have our HQ here because we think that the Netherlands has a big chance to become the fintech & blockchain hub of Europe!”

Daru: “We are going to continue building world class blockchain applications, further improving and extending our products such as the BTC.com mining pool, wallet, block explorer and API. We are actively growing our team with developers and business professionals, so come to the hackathon and show your talent! We will be on the outlook for new employees.”

Facts & figures BTC.com

BTC.com is a pioneer of the blockchain economy. The company has introduced over a 1.5 million people across the world to the cryptocurrencies via its wallet and has processed more than 5 billion dollar worth of bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) since 2015. Since its launch, their block explorer has been at the fore front of Bitcoin data analytics. In 2016, this company led the industry in innovation with the release of the world's #1 open-source mining pool, which today play key roles in driving Bitcoin’s decentralized ecosystem. They have a team of more than 70 employees based in Amsterdam and Beijing, and is backed by the world’s leading Bitcoin mining manufacturer, Bitmain.

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