Giveaway – 200.000 dollars in NTL tokens by playing blockchaingame Fury

Press release – We are really excited to be able to demonstrate our blockchain commerce software in action and in doing
so are giving away 200.000 dollar worth of our NTL token, which will play an integral part in the new ecosystem
we are creating.

nTitle Fury

nTitle Fury is our retro racing blockchain game. You can participate in the demo of our proprietary blockchain commerce software by purchasing the game license on the Ethereum TestNet. It is a free to play game, but you are in with a chance of winning part of the huge $200k prize pool by playing, sharing and challenging your friends to beat your lap-time. nTitle Fury gives the players a real taste of the future of digital asset ownership, with all the transactions traceable through the blockchain. It is a great demo of the power and utility of the bcommerce solution.

Your license on the blockchain

The game comes in two versions. A demo version which doesn’t have any blockchain aspects to it, and the full version for which you can own the license on the blockchain, as well as in-game item licenses. In order to make the interaction with the blockchain possible, users need to install the MetaMask browser extension which makes the communication with the blockchain possible. Gamers playing the full version of the game will profit from advantages in regards to earning points and climbing up the levels of the prize pool.

Sign up

Gamers can sign up on our dedicated website where they can own the game on the blockchain, set a lap-time and share with friends. All earning points to get on the leaderboard and in with a chance of winning a piece of the huge prize pool. We will also be periodically announcing some special tasks where you can win some bonus points!

Sign up via this link >>

Disclaimer: this press release is part of a content partnership between Bitcoin Magazine NL and nTitle.

Disclaimer: Bitcoin Magazine Benelux biedt geen beleggingsadvies. Onze berichten zijn enkel bedoeld voor informatieve doeleinden.

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