OKEx Adds 5x Leverage, While PrimeXBT Leads Industry With 100x

Sponsored post – As cryptocurrency prices consolidate across the market and the current trading range tightens, margin trading has become increasingly popular with traders seeking to profit off of smaller movements and price swings.

OKEx Increases Maximum Leverage From 3x to 5x

A recent example of this growing trend was cryptocurrency exchange OKEx adding a new 5x leverage feature to their trading platform options. The exchange explained that the increased leverage was a response to overwhelming market demand driven by traders interested in maximizing profits during this period of decreasing volatility seen in the cryptocurrency space.

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As market demand for margin trading grows and interest returns to the cryptocurrency market in a big way, new players are emerging in the space and are aiming to disrupt the current landscape with revolutionary features. One such player stands out from the pack: PrimeXBT.

PrimeXBT Tops Industry With 100x Leverage on All Trading Pairs

PrimeXBT is a 4th generation cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform for beginners and professionals alike. Compared to OKEx, PrimeXBT offers twenty times the leverage with 100x margin trading. PrimeXBT offers the highest available leverage across the cryptocurrency market, standing toe-to-toe against BitMEX’s 100x leverage. PrimeXBT not only crushes OKEx with leverage, but it trumps even BitMEX by offering 100x leverage on all cryptocurrency trading pairs, while BitMEX trails behind by only offering such levels of margin on Bitcoin. PrimeXBT pairs include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and EOS – the top cryptocurrencies in the market.

PrimeXBT: Revolutionary Features Not Found Anywhere Else

In addition to industry-best 100x leverage across all trading pairs, PrimeXBT also offers the following features not found on traditional cryptocurrency exchanges:

PrimeXBT: More Exciting Features Coming “Very Soon”

Following the news of OKEx increasing leverage to 5x, a spokesperson for PrimeXBT revealed that the exchange is hard at work preparing additional features that will transform the cryptocurrency market forever.

The new features are said to be better than anything else offered across any market, cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, or otherwise. At this time, the PrimeXBT is tight-lipped about what the new features are, but promise that more details will be announced “very soon.”


Given the market demand for cutting edge features such as 100x leverage across all trading pairs, it’s no surprise that the cryptocurrency industry is already buzzing about the emergence of PrimeXBT. Once word spreads that the industry newcomer is expanding its already robust feature set with exciting new features, traders everywhere will be on the edge of their seats awaiting the big reveal.

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Disclaimer: this sponsored post is part of a content partnership between Bitcoin Magazine NL and PrimeXBT. Bitcoin Magazine NL does not give any financial advice. This above information is only for educational purposes. Trade in cryptocurrencies is at your own risk.

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