Tokenbox shares Q2 report: platform went live and multicurrency wallet to be expected soon

Press release – The Tokenbox Team has released a quarterly report that covers the most important events and platform’s development milestones that took place over the recent 3 months.

First of all, in April the team updated the roadmap and synchronised it with the design and programme development calendar up until the end of the year. In accordance with the roadmap, the platform will be fully operational within the next 6 months.

On June 5th the Alpha Version of the platform went live. Along with a registration option and a KYC procedure, a Refer-A-Friend Bonus Program was launched. At the time of writing, the overall number of those who have already registered on the platform and verified their accounts has reached 437.

The IT&Design has also finished design mockups and testing of the new product website Home Page, which is about to go live soon.
In May the TBX token was listed on IDEX exchange, which currently has the second highest trading volume amongst all decentralized exchanges after Bancor. In addition, the TBX token profile was added to Hotbit exchange,

Changelly partnership

In June Tokenbox partnered up with Changelly, a cryptocurrency exchange providing trading services.

As for developments in the legal field, in April The Tokenbox has set up TKNBX OU (registry code 14478337), a private limited company operating in Estonia, EU. In May 2018 2 operating licenses were received that allowed conducting the following activities:

  • Providing a virtual currency wallet service (FVR000143)
  • Providing services for exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency (FVR000171)

Through TKNBX OU an application for the TOKENBOX trademark in the EU was filed. Regulations in the crypto industry are evolving rapidly, and Tokenbox is actively monitoring such developments. Quadrat Enterprises Limited (company Number 117159), the Gibraltar-based subsidiary of Tokenbox, is currently in talks with leading legal advisors on its next steps as far as obtaining a DLT license is concerned. Also other potential options to support the offerings on the platform are in the process of negotiation.

Besides from fulfilling the new roadmap plans, the team members were eager to tell the world about Tokenbox and discuss the latest trends in the fast evolving crypto world. In April Tokenbox co-founder and managing partner Vladimir Smerkis and Tokenbox Media director Ola Yaroshevsky hosted the Armenian Blockchain Forum in the city of Yerevan, Armenia.

In May Pavel Salas, the Tokenbox CEO, spoke about the future of crypto assets management at the CHAINGES conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. At the end of May, the Tokenbox team visited Blockshow, one of the most exciting gatherings organized by Cointelegraph in Berlin, Germany.

bitcoin meester

Multicurrency wallet

As for the Q3 plans, the closest Tokenbox release is expected in less than 2 weeks: a multicurrency wallet with 6 cryptocurrencies included (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and TBX token) will be released in test mode. The team’s goals for the next months are:

  • to release full-scale alpha version of the Tokenbox platform, which will include: a customer analytics module; a rating system; an internal risk management system; integration with trading terminals; demo accounts and trading using real accounts
  • to open FIAT bank accounts and start bank cards processing.

Token News

Also, the team shared a special edition of Token News, which covers the most interesting events of the first 6 months of 2018 and reviews what to look forward to for the next several months.

Disclaimer: this article is part of a partnership between Bitcoin Magazine NL and

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