Citizens In The Philippines To Be Rewarded With ETH

Citizens of Manila in the Philippines will soon be rewarded with ETH by a decentralised application based on the Ethereum network. The reason for the rewards is due to the clean up of the heavily polluted beach in the capital city of the country.

The Ethereum co-creator and the CEO of the biggest blockchain software development company ConsenSys, Joseph Lubin has spoken on the matter and said:

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“In Manila, participants will be paid in ETH for spending a few hours cleaning up one of the most heavily polluted beaches in the world. Bounties Network and ConsenSys Impact are proving a new model where people fund causes directly without intermediaries.”

The viable application of blockchain technology has been seen by the decentralised app, Bounty. This is due to the participants being rewarded clearly using the public ledger of a blockchain network.

Bounties network allows anyone on the platform to create bounties and reward participants with ETH in supporting various causes and initiatives. In recent weeks, a subsidiary ConsenSys, ConsenSys Impact brought in a non-profit organisation dubbed as “Bounties for the Oceans: Philippines Pilo – Sustained, Verifiable Plastic Cleanups” in order to boost the usage of blockchain technology in the country.

In the programme it states:

“Plastic pollution costs the lives of 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals per year. Fish eat plastic, and we eat the fish. Plastic causes $8 billion in damage to marine ecosystems each year. With Bounties for the Ocean, we are asking people everywhere to submit verifiable proof of their direct plastic cleanup contribution as a way of fostering widespread and long-term behavioural shift. Do not depend on centralized organizations, go out there and do it yourselves.”

The initiative comes at a good time since the country recently just re-opened a popular tourist destination called Boracay. Boracay is known for its clear seawater and its incredible diving spots, not to mention to the beaches it holds. This is all after the heavy pollution that the destination suffered from.

The country is seen to be the best place to start up a non-profit blockchain based initiative since the country has already adopted cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment and the central bank officially looked at Bitcoin as a remittance method.

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